Ghostgum Sophie Girl

"Sophie" is a black classic tabby with white girl, born October 2017. Her favourite place is curled up on the couch beside me and she is rarely too far from my side. I am her chosen "person" :) Her bubs generally have her laid back, friendly nature.

Her father is "FullofCharm Makin Magic" (Black Classic Tabby)

Her mother is Yendor Calypso Queen (Blue Classic Tabby with White) 

Yendor Indigo

"Indy" is a large solid blue girl, born April 2017. Loves to be outside watching the workings on the farm and has the softest, thickest coat of all our girls.  She is like a big snuggly blanket  :). At night you can usually find her curled up on the couch.

Her father is: Classic Rhapsody in Blue (Blue Classic Tabby)

Her mother is: Yendor Maddisson (Blue Classic Tabby with White)

Cadillaccats Jaffa

"Jaffa" is a Red Classic Tabby girl, born January 2017. Very playful and affectionate and is a typical "red head" in personality. Plays chasey games with anything that moves around the house and teaches her kittens the same.

Her father is Klassicoonz Flash (Red Mackerel Tabby)

Her mother is: Cadillaccats Atsy (Black Silver Tortie Tabby)

Ghostgum Daniels Clawdee

"Clawdee" is a Black Classic Tabby with White girl, born May 2019. My then 2 yr old toddler attached himself to Clawdee as soon as she was up and about and used to cart her everywhere, she'd sit with him playing toys and diggers and would cry when he was out of sight. Clawdee is growing into a very long girl with a very sweet nature who just wants to hang out with her "people".

Her father is FullofCharm Makin Magic (Black Classic Tabby)

Her mother is Ghostgum Blossom (Black Classic Tabby with White)

Yendor Amber

"Amber" is a Black Tortoiseshell Bi-Coloured girl, born November 2018. She is a big sweetheart, super playful and is a very protective mother hen :)

Her father is Yendor Rhydian Illusion (Red Smoke)

Her mother is Kingslee Park Maid Marion (Black Tortie Bi-Colour)

Ghostgum Misty

"Misty" is a Black Silver Classic Tabby girl, born June 2018. Misty is proving to be a wonderful mum, happy to "share care" with the other mums and will feed whatever bub comes up to her. She plays gently with the bubs and endures a lot from them before she flicks her tail and walks off when they are too full on :p

Misty is particular with her "people" and isn't a fan of someone new, particularly around her kittens. I am her chosen one and she happily sits with me while I play with her bubs and give her a brush, and she tolerates my toddler if he's being quiet with us but if he gets too loud playing and boisterous Misty will remove herself and watch from a safe distance.

Her mother is Yendor Nova (Black Smoke).

Her father is FullOfCharm Makin Magic (Black Classic Tabby) 

Previous Queens

The below girls have been wonderful breeders and companions for me and their bubs are making people happy and their beds warm all over Australia :) 

Ghostgum Blossom

"Blossom" is a very in your face, affectionate girl and retired in 2020. Her affection is to the point of being a bit over-bearing :p Very gentle and sweet, wants to be around us always and raises her bubs to be the same.

Her father is Flurmonz Jumpin Jack Flash (Imp NZ, Black Classic Tabby & White).

Her mother is Yendor Waltzing Hakuna Matata (Black Classic Tabby & White).

Yendor Nova

"Nova" is a Black Smoke girl, retired from breeding in 2020. She is a very affectionate, talkative girl who doted on her kittens and they all had that little bit of extra "spark". She produced mainly mackerel tabbies, with and without silver.

I have kept the girls Ghostgum Misty (black silver classic tabby), Ghostgum Astrid (black silver classic tabby) and Ghostgum Venus (blue silver classic tabby) to carry on Nova's lines.

Her father is Classic Rhapsody In Blue (Blue Classic Tabby)

Her mother is Yendor Diamond Illusion (Black Silver Mackerel Tabby)

Yendor Lady Vesuvius

It is with great sadness Vee passed away in May 2020 after taking on a brown snake. The snake didn't make it either. This beautiful girl was such a smooch and was always one of the first girls to meet the visitors and wind her way between their legs waiting for a pat. Vee got along with the other cats also and doted on her bubs. She will be greatly missed and I know her bubs are doing her proud.

Her father is Flurmonz Jumpin Jack Flash (Imp NZ) (Black Classic Tabby & White)

Her mother is Yendor Lady Morgana (Black Silver Tortie Classic Tabby & White)

Yendor Dreamweaver

Jeannie was retired from breeding in 2015 and went to live in beautiful Mt Tamborine to be a lap warmer with one of our younger Maine Coons. Jeannie was a very laid back girl and her favourite spot was on the head rest of the couch so she was patted by everyone that walked past. Her bubs took on her lovely nature.

Her father is Classic Rhapsody in Blue (Blue Classic Tabby)

Her mother is Yendor Chameleon Dawn (Black Silver Tortie & White) 

Yendor Hakuna Matata

Kuna was my first breeding girl, courtesy of Margaret from Yendor Cats. She had a great mix of affection and feisty that she taught her bubs. Kuna was retired in 2018 and mellowed in her older age :p She is now living the life of luxury with an elderly lady on the Granite Belt, keeping her company. Kuna's bloodlines live on through Ghostgum Blossom, one of my breeding girls, and through the bubs that have gone on to be pets.

Her father is Classic Rhapsody in Blue (Blue Classic Tabby)

Her mother is Yendor Waltzing Matilda (Black Classic Tabby & White)

Yendor Calypso Queen

Cleo was retired from breeding in 2019 and has become my regular foot warmer and late night couch companion. Still has the playfulness of a two year old and has a mean right hook if your toes move under the sheets :p Her bloodlines live on through my young breeding girl Ghostgum Sophie Girl and the many bubs she gave me that are keeping their families company.

Her father is: Classic Rhapsody In Blue (Blue Classic Tabby)

Her mother is: Yendor Chameleon Dawn (Black Silver Tortie & White)